:: Him ::

Ayah! :)

Thanks Ayah for fetched me at Shah Alam
I'm so touched :(
That's why I want to drive by myself 
I don't want to spoil myself :(
I don't want to burden my dad but you can see my smiling face
When your parents come to pick you ,
 Auwww :)

I'm so sorry if I'm asking too much
I just love shopping ,
Okay Zetty , after this no more buying unwanted things okay! :)
Remember how hard your parents working every single day
Just want to give what you want and make you happy
Now appreciate what you have now , 
no more asking anymore
Work hard by yourself to get what you want
That is more satisfying and worth

Sumpah rasa bersalah bila minta duit kat Ayah
Takut nanti duit Ayah habis pulak
Dah la Ayah nak kena bayar banyak benda pulak
Kecian Ayah kerja siang dan malam pulak tu
Hari ahad pun Ayah kerja jugak
AH!! Sedihnyaa
I feel like I want to cry nowwwwww~

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